Terms & Conditions for BIOSPAIN 2018 Exhibition

Deadline for exhibitor registration 31/08/2018
Due date of invoice On receipt of invoice
Deadline for arrival of data for catalogue 27/07/2018
Commencement of erection work 23/09/2018
Completion of erection work 24/09/2018
Commencement of dismantling work 27/09/2018
Completion of dismantling work 28/09/2018


BIOSPAIN 2018 is organised and managed by ASEBIO (Spanish Bioindustry Association) and he Government of Andalusia through the Agencia IDEA Agency; the Regional Ministry of Employment, Enterprise & Commerce; Invest in Andalucia; the Regional Ministry of Economy & Knowledge; Andalusian Knowledge Agency; the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development & Fisheries; the Regional Ministry of Health and the Progress & Health Foundation​.

FIBES- EXHIBITION & CONGRESS CENTRE acts on behalf of the organisers in the logistics of the event:


Avda. Alcalde Luis Uruñuela, 1
41020 Seville (Spain)
​T. +34 954 47 87 00
email: info@fibes.es
website: http://www.fibes.es/en


BIOSPAIN 2018 is to be held in Hall 2 of FIBES, the Exhibition & Congress Centre (Seville) on September 25-27, 2018. Stands must be staffed and the materials exhibited must be on display throughout the opening hours.

Entry of exhibitors:  half an hour before opening time.
Departure of exhibitors:  half an hour after closing time.


All individuals, legal persons, public and private sector organisations whose activities are considered to fall within the sectors covered by the event may apply to take part in it.


4.1  Invoice will be sent within 7 days and payment must be completed on receipt of the invoice.
4.2. Booth applications will be granted in accordance with demand and with the space available.


5.1. Participation rates are as follows:

Standard 3x2sq.m. booth                     2.750€ + 10% VAT
Asebio members rate                            2.000€ + 10% VAT

5.2. The participation fee must be paid in full upon receipt of the invoice.


Any applicant that declines to participate before July 27 must inform BIOSPAIN’s organizer: Margarita Arriaga marriaga@asebio.com to receive a 50% refund (minus bank transfer charges). Refunds will be processed after BIOSPAIN 2018. After July 27, 2018, the full exhibition fee is applicable.


ASEBIO will contract insurance for this event as follows:

7.1.  Civil liability.  Basic cover:

Material damage & bodily harm caused to third parties as a result of the event, expressly excluding civil liability arising from occupational accidents suffered by personnel employed and/or subcontracted by the exhibitor.

Limit of compensation €1,200,000 per insured loss with a sub-limit of €150,000 per victim for personal injury.

  1. The organisers will provide a video-camera surveillance and monitoring service for the exhibition area.  At no time will the Organiser accept liability for any damage or theft of any article on the stand of the exhibitor.
  2. For objects of great value or special interest, FIBES has a secure storage service that can be requested from the services office in the main building.


An official catalogue for BIOSPAIN 2018 will be produced. Exhibitors will receive a form with guidelines of how to present their company details.  The deadline for the receipt of these forms is July 27, 2018. Exhibitor information received after this date won’t be published


9.1  Unauthorised Activities:

  • Projection of images outside the allocated space (stand), including walls and ceilings, which are not part of the stand.
  • Any erection of items in the thoroughfares or aisles of the venue without the express authorisation of the event organisers.
  • Noisy demonstrations that may cause a nuisance to visitors or other exhibitors. Noise levels on stands in excess of 60 dB, measured at the stand perimeter.
  • The melamine panels may not be painted, drilled or perforated with staples or nails. Even if they are papered or lined withvinyl, they must be left in the same condition in which they were found at the commencement of the event.  Exhibitors will be held liable for any damage resulting from any modifications that they make to the actual structure of their stands, and for all losses, damage and accidents of any kind caused to objects, persons and materials located on their stand. The organisers will accept no liability in such cases.
  • Use of the general public address system at the venue for commercial presentations of individual firms at the event.
  • Distribution of advertising material and holding of processions in the aisles of the exhibition hall or the entrance hall.
  • This booth is strictly non-transferable.  Stands may not be transferred to any other firm or business: the pennant on the stand must always correspond to the firm that signs this contract.


  • Exhibitors are responsible for all products, objects and/or services presented on their stands and for any legal consequences that may arise from the presentation of illegal products.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for obtaining the necessary official permits for the erection and decoration of their stands (when they do this themselves), for the handling of products and objects and for their proper display.
  • Exhibitors must pay the full participation fee before they can begin to erect their stand. Exhibitors who have not paid in full will be denied access to the exhibition hall to commence stand erection and decoration work.


Days for erection work & entry of goods:
Erection works: Sunday September 23 from 08:00 to 20:00, Monday September 24 from 08:00 to 20:00. Sunday September 23 exhibitors may access their stands to unload materials, but must then remove vehicles from the aisles and take them outside the hall itself and outside the perimeter of the exhibition halls (unless expressly authorised by the event organisers to do otherwise) as soon as unloading is completed.
On Monday 24 September, vehicle access to the pavilion is prohibited, so that it can be thoroughly cleaned. Carts will be available for transportation of goods from discharge point to the stands.

Before any work is begun, external installation companies must collect the labour risk prevention documentation which the Pavilion Supervisor will provide.

Vehicles are not authorized to stay overnight at FIBES installations. For trucks and lorries please check http://web.desarrollando.net/acte08/pagEstatica.aspx?id=26

Goods entrance address:
Pavilion 2, Booth number
Name of Exhibitor – Name and telephone of contact person
Avda. Alcalde Luis Uruñuela 1
41020 Seville (Spain)

Stand decoration may be completed on Monday September 24, 2018 from 14.00 to 21.00. 
On this day, vehicle access to the pavilion is prohibited, so that it can be thoroughly cleaned.  Any exhibitor that wishes to unload on that day may take their vehicle only as far as the hall door set aside for this purpose, or may access the hall via the car-park.

Commencement and completion of dismantling work:
Stands may be dismantled on Thursday 27 September after 16:00 to 20:00 and Friday 28 September 28 from 08:00 to 20:00. Vehicle access to stands is permitted on that day.

Exhibitors must comply with all applicable provisions on the prevention of accidents and fires, and must hold the relevant erectors’ cards duly completed for the exhibition hall access control point.


11.1 Exhibitors must comply with the provisions in force concerning stand construction.

General Technical Regulations for Installation Work: https://www.fibes.es/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/GENERAL-INSTALLATION-RULES.pdf

Exhibitors will be offered the possibility to purchase additional services through SERVIFIBES, a service of FIBES EXHIBITION & CONGRESS CENTRE, where they can request additional services not included as standard in the stand, such as telephone & communication services, water supply & drainage, additional lighting, hostessing, audio-visual services, etc. For further information, contact the Services Department:   Tania Halcón (thalcon@fibes.es) o 954 47 87 19

11.2 Those firms that decide to decorate their own stands freely must submit their decoration projects to the Technical Department FIBES by August 31, 2018 for approval. FIBES reserves the right to approve and/or modify the project for safety reasons.


12.1 Catering
If any exhibitor has any catering related needs, they can contact the official and exclusive providers of the venue though our Technical Services Department in: abarbancho@fibes.es

12.2 WIFI
Biospain will provide free and open access to wifi. Nevertheless, those exhibitors who would like to enjoy a stronger and more reliable wifi signal can purchase a private wifi access. In our Technical Services Department: Tania Halcón(thalcon@fibes.es) o +34 954 47 87 19

12.3 Travel Information

Please visit the Biospain 2018 website: https://www.biospain2018.org/travel


ASEBIO accepts no exhibitors that infringe any legislation on the protection of intellectual or commercial property rights in their broadest sense in the course of the production, distribution, sale, ownership or advertising of products.


Pursuant to basic legislation on the protection of personal details as per LOPD 15/1999 and LSSI-CE 34/2002, interested parties are informed that the personal details that they provide on a voluntary basis, including their e-mail addresses, will be incorporated into an automatic file owned by and under the responsibility of ASEBIO.  By submitting their details, they expressly authorise the use thereof for regular postings, including e-mails, by ASEBIO to inform them about BIOSPAIN exhibition activities (events, content & services) organised by themselves or by associated companies.  ASEBIO informs users of their right to access, correct, object to and cancel these data by writing to ASEBIO at  ASOCIACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE BIOEMPRESAS – Diego de Leon 44 – 2D – 28006 Madrid (Spain), or by e-mailing this address: marriaga@asebio.com


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